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As a patient of Awbrey Dental Group, Dr. Dunscombe handled my dental work. Doctor was confident in making the right diagnosis in my dental care. He was the first dentist I had seen in over 5 years. I needed to have extensive dental work completed 2 years prior to this.
I was informed about the seriousness of my dental health. Dr. Dunscombe reassured me that I would be happier with the work I would be enduring during my dental visits. I did not have to worry at any point about my dental visits. The moment I walked into Awbrey Dental Group, I was treated like they cared about my health. Thank you Doc & Thank you to the professional staff!

-Andrew R.

To my favorite Dentist Dr. Yonan,
I have been a patient of Dr. Yonans for 4 years now. I’ve succeeded in finding a Dentist I can trust. I’m very satisfied with the results of my dental work. I had my first root canal done by Dr. Yonan and it was pain free from the beginning through to a perfect fitting of my crown. The office was professional and clean. The Hygenists and Dental Assistants are very caring and compassionate. The front office staff is welcoming an friendly.

-Karman B.

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