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At Awbrey Dental Group in Bend, you’ll discover dental care at the highest level possible:
Technology, advanced training, and compassionate service blended perfectly together.
Our team of doctors carefully select technologies proven to deliver the finest experience to their patients. This means comfortable procedures and predictable results. A winning formula, you’ll find that contemporary dental care with Awbrey Dental Group leaves you smiling.
A picture explains what words never can, especially when it comes to your teeth. Miniature LED cameras bring the details of our mouths to life in full color.
The complex structures of your jaw region can be difficult to decipher on flat, single dimension x-rays. But advanced 3D imaging brings an unprecedented ability to understand the conditions of your mouth like never before.

Digital films with exquisite detail and dramatically reduced radiation exposure offer the ultimate in safety and diagnostic capability.

Soft Tissue Laser
When the soft tissue lining your mouth needs small corrections, lasers provide a gentle solution. Quiet but powerful light energy helps us solve numerous problems in a simple, quiet way.
Changes in the lining of your mouth tissue call for close evaluation. VelScope technology makes a diagnosis of subtle changes possible through luminescence of your tissue. Early detection of any change is one key to optimum health.